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Climate in Armenia has a highland dry continental climate and is often described as “Luminous Armenia”



Armenia Wild FlowersSpring is short-lived, April-May can sometimes be rainy, blossoming with colors of apricot, lilac and cherry trees in springtime give the city a special beauty and charm. The temperature is 13-15° C (55-59 °F).






ArmeniaSummer is quite hot, lasting almost four months. The temperature in July is about25-27 °C (77-81° F). In the Ararat valley, temperatures can climb to 40 °C (104 °F). In the Evening, a cool mountain breeze creates the perfect climate to enjoy the cities cafes and nightlife.







3ca4b0ae3d2cfa5eff6558856236bb05Autumn is mild and sunny, the temperature is about 18-20°C (64-68° F). Autumns are remarkable for their spectacularly colorful foliage. It is a beautiful time to visit, the weather is ideal and the landscapes are magnificent.







photo-19-06-09-13-12-07Winter can be harsh, particularly in the mountainous regions. Average temperature in Yerevan in January is -8° C (23° F).

Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing down the hills of Tsakhkadzor (ski resort) where one can see the breathtaking mountain chains covered in a blanket of virgin snow, which from time to time sparkles with the rays of the sun. It is famous for its numerous lodges and winter sports facilities. The 2500 meters long Mountain Chair Lift recently renovated by the prominent Swiss company leads to the top of the hill.