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Armavir region

ARMAVIR REGION– the center of the region is Armavir. – 48 km

The Armavir region is located to the South of the Aragatsotn region and to the North-West of the Ararat. Armavir region was named after one of the first capitals of Armenia.

Armavir lies between montains Ararat and Aragats and is a part of the Ararat valley, the largest and the most fertile land among the forty valleys of the Historical Highland. The territory of the region is situated at an altitude of 580-1000 meters above sea level and has a sunny, dry and continental climate.

The historical-cultural merits of the region are great. Architecture was highly developed here since prehistoric times, and among the numerous evidences are the ruins of cyclopean fortresses, burial places and palace building.



Echmiadzin | The cathedral of Saint Gayane | The Church of saint Ripsime |

The churcg of ShogakatThe catheral of Zvartnots | Metsamor | Sardarapat



ECHMIADZIN – The town of Echmiadzin in 20 km to the west of Yerevan, is a sacred place for the Armenians all over the world. The Mother See of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians are situated in the town of Echmiadzin.

The first record of Echmiadzin was left by Urartian King Rusa II. Vagarsh I king (117-140 A.D.) fenced it, brought it in good order and made it the capital of Armenia – Vagharshapat. According to historians, Gregory the Illuminator had a vision of Jesus Christ who came down to Vagharshapat and with a golden hammer pointed to the place where the Mother Cathedral was to be built. For this reason, in 301-303 A.D. on the initiative of Trdat III and Gregory the Illuminator the best-known and one of the oldest Armenian Churches, Saint Echmiadzin (,,The place where the only begotten descended,,) was built. The town was called later the Echmiadzin too.

Echmiadzin is one of the first ancient and beautiful churches in the Christian world. For 1700 years Holy Echmiadzin has been the Mother See of the Armenian Church, the spiritual, cultural and, in the past, the political center of Armenia. Here is the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians, the Gevorgian Theological Seminary, the Library and the Treasury. The monastic complex of Holy Echmiadzin occupies a large territory and has a beautiful architecture. Here, in this ,,Armenian Jerusalem,, all the major ceremonies of the Armenian Apostolic Church are held.

THE CATHEDRAL OF SAINT GAYANE – The cathedral of Saint Gayane is situated to the south of Echmiadzin near the monastic pond and was built in 630 , is a basilica with a central cupola. Majestic in its simplicity the cathedral is particularly impressive against the snow-topped peaks of Mt.Ararat.
THE CHURCH OF SAINT RIPSIME – in the eastern outskirts of the town is the famous Cathedral of Ripsime. The church of Saint Ripsime represents the perfect type of cruciform plan and central cupola’s Armenian church, with its square sacristies at each of its four corners. This cathedral was built by the Catholikos Comitas in 618. The central-plan composition is the result of experimental work on the part of several generations of Armenian architects
THE CHURCH OF SHOGAKAT – in the eastern part of Echmiadzin stands the Cathedral of Shogakat. Although built in the 17 th century, it is one of the finest examples of Armenian church architecture (rectangular ground work with a central cupola).
THE CATHEDRAL OF ZVARTNOTS – THE RUINS OF ZVARTNOTS- to the East of Echmiadzin, on the right side of the road leading to Yerevan one can see the ruins of the Zvartnots, which is also the site of one of the most outstanding monuments of Armenian architecture. Certain ruins are more eloquent than undamaged buildings. The famous cathedral of Zvartnots, the masterpiece of Armenian architecture at the zenith of the Middle Ages, is a striking example. The cathedral was built under Catholicos Nerses III towards the middle of the 7th century .

METSAMOR – Metsamor has a history of 7000-years and it is one of the old towns of the world. Metsamor is an ancient fortress in the center of the Ararat valley, lying some 35 km Southwest of Yerevan. In Metsamor the regular excavation works which began in 1965 and is still in progress has yielded cultural layers dating to the Aeneolithic , three periods of the Bronze Age (early, middle and late), the early and developed Iron Age (Pre-Urartian, Urartian and Antique) and the Middle Ages.
SARDARAPAT – moving on along the road from Echmiadzin to the West through the Ararat valley, you will be able to visit Sardarapat, a memorial complex and a museum. Here, in 1918, the Armenian Army gloriously defeated the Turkish invaders. There is a museum of Ethnography is in the memorial complex Sardarapat, where a wide collection representing the traditional way of life and culture of the nation is displayed.

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