Armenia Revealed


Armenia is steeped in history.  Each new step brings with it a new story of battle, of religion and of legends told. From Hayk Nahabed (tradition holds – the father of the Armenian people) to the modern scholars of the 21st century, an indelible mark has been made on this land, a quality which makes Armenia what it is.01

Day 1


Yerevan the Ancient Colorful City 

Early morning Arrival to Yerevan. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Yerevan.
Check in hotel in Yerevan. Rest Time
Early Breakfast 
kWe will start our acquaintance with the city of Yerevan by walking through the history of its foundation: Erebouni Museum and Fortress which was founded in 782 B.C., 29 years before Rome, the “Eternal City”, was built; the next stop on the tour will include a visit to the remarkable Matenadaran Library and Research Institute of Armenia which houses close to 17,000 rare manuscripts. The Matenadaran is one of the richest depositories of manuscripts and books in the world.
Lunch in Armenian Traditional Restaurant.
Later this afternoon we will round off our tour with a stroll through ‘Vernissage’, Yerevan’s bustling open air handicraft market. (optional: only on Saturday and Sunday)



Day 2


Religious Capital of Armenia and Cathedral of Celestial Angels

Breakfast served
962728c8-59f6-449b-b42a-a18af1485f08-largeAfter an appetizing breakfast, you will visit the ancient monastery, churches and museum complex of Etchmiadzin, the seat of the Catholics of all Armenians. The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is the religious capital of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. The complex houses 4 main churches, including the Cathedral. Built in 303AD, the cathedral is a masterpiece of Armenian classical architecture and considered to be one of the world’s earliest Christian churches. Just steps away, you will admire the Hripsime and Gayane Churches (7th c) named after the faithful virgins of the 3rd century. On the way back to Yerevan, the magnificent ruins of Zvartnots (celestial angels) Cathedral (7th c) will show you the uniqueness of Armenian church architecture.
You will also participate in DIVINE LITURGY (optional, only on Sundays).

Lunch in Etchmiadzin



Day 3


Lake Sevan – Emerald Miracle of Armenia

Breakfast served
22095635_10214486528054421_266471272_oContinuing our journey across Armenia’s fascinating landscapes, we will drive to the lush environs of Dilijan “A Piece of Switzerland” in Armenia and one of Armenia’s most appealing resort towns. The town is peppered with numerous examples of traditional Armenian architecture and the romantic settings of the monasteries of Haghartsin (11th c).
No trip to Armenia is ever complete without a visit to the sparkling blue waters of Lake Sevan“The Emerald of Armenia”, set approximately 1900m above sea level, situated high in the mountains and famed for its glorious and ever-changing hues.
On arrival, you have a stop by the lakeside churches on the top of peninsula to admire a spectacularly picturesque scene overlooking the lake and distant mountains.

Lunch will be served in the restaurant of Sevan.



Day 4


Reveal the Paths of Christianity Traveling to the South

Breakfast served
15219652_1048917978569212_7291914547029081195_nDriving through the fertile plains of the Ararat valley, you will reach Khor Virap Monastery – the beginning of the History of Christianity in Armenia, magnificently set against the towering slopes of Biblical Mount Ararat. This setting offers some of the most spectacular photo opportunities in all of Armenia. The monastery is the site where St. Gregory the Illuminator was incarcerated and is a pilgrimage destination for every Armenian as well as for foreign believers. 
On the way to Noravank, you will taste and enjoy a guided tour of the famous “Areni Winery.”  In Armenian, there is a famous saying that “Wine is bottled poetry”. Next, we will take the path through the narrow gorge, revealing Noravank Monastery, nestled inside the deep red landscape of the tuf stone mountains.
Lunch will be served in the restaurant of Noravank Monastery.



Day 5


Prince’s Fortress: Amberd on the slope of marvelous Mt. Aragats

Breakfast served
aragats1Walking around the Aragatsotn Region, you will find a church or ancient structure at every turn. In the village of Oshakan, you will see the wonderful church which is built over the grave of Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet, and one of the greatest benefactors of Armenia.
During this day you will see one of the most beautiful and highest mountains in Armenia, Mt. Aragats. Next is a visit to the medieval fortress of Amberd, a complex dating back to the 11th-13th centuries, with a church built on the slopes of Mt. Aragats at 2,300 meters above sea level.
Lunch in Ashtarak



Day 6


Pagan Temple Garni and Geghard Cave Monastery 

Breakfast served
Geghart monastery XIIIC_interior_smallThis morning begins with a visit to the Tsitsernakaberd memorial and museum dedicated to the 1915 Genocide, one of the most impressive monuments in Yerevan.
Later, we will proceed to Garni, the rare pre-Christian pagan temple maintained in Armenia and Garni canyon, with a view of magnificent sheer vertical cliffs, which appear to bea gigantic basalt organ carved in the rocks.  The next stop is the Geghard (Cave monastery) architectural complex, rising out from the mountain, carved from one monolithic rock in the 12th-13th centuries. Sing an ancient hymn while inside; the acoustics in this chamber are extraordinary. You will take part in the traditional Armenian LAVASH making in “tonir” ovens.

Lunch in Geghard



Day 7


Transfer to the Airport

*Itinerary is subject to change at any time


  • Full transportation and transfers in Armenia as specified in itinerary
  • Meals as indicated – Breakfast, 6 x  Lunch
  • Entrance fee to all sightseeing destination
  • Hotel accommodation in Yerevan – 7 nights (early check in )
  • Bi-lingual tour guide
  • A bottle of water