Harsnakar Hotel

“Harsnaqar” is one of the hospitality complexes in the area of Sevan Lake. Thanks to geographic location and high altitude, the complex has a wonderful view of the Lake and the Sevan peninsula. A one of the two aqua-parks in Armenia is in “Harsnaqar”, with a magnificently large pool intended for 950 people. The complex is one of the few that has its beach with more than 1 hectare territory.

“Harsnaqar” is intended for sports fans too. Here are a mini-football ground, basket-ball, volley-ball and tennis, courts, conforming to professional standards and free for visitors. One of our unique points is the  cottage section of the complex where families can enjoy their holidays.  There are 14 family cottages, two-storied, furnished with all the modern conveniences and natural gas. The cottage section has a separate pool and beach intended only for those renting cottage. This section has a striking view of the Lake.

Another unique point of “Harsnaqar” is the open café right on the beach where you will be served a wide range of dishes. And if you still do not find your favorite dish in the café menu, you will find an amazing list of meals in the restaurant of “Harsnaqar”. All year round, there is live music performances in the hall of the restaurant intended for 250 people. The staff is ready to host any event, from wedding parties to official dinners, and for business meetings we have banquet halls, which can host 10-40 people.

The large parking areas, the launderette, the shop of souvenirs, the winter park, the satellite TV, 24-hour security, the polite and friendly service of staff and many other aspects will make your stay at “Harsnaqar” an unforgettable experience.

For more detailed information visit: http://www.harsnaqarhotel.am