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Kotayk region

KOTAYK REGION – the center of the region is HRASDAN – 50 km

Kotayk region is situated in the North of Armenia. One third of the territory is covered by woods, and the climate is mild. Hrazdan river flows through the whole territory of the region. The center of the region – Hrazdan is a developed industrial center, rich with archeological and medieval monuments.

The region Kotayk has been historical center since the 5 th century.

In the canyon of Hrazdan river the village of Arzni is situated, 22 km North of Yerevan along the Hrazdan river. Arzni is famous for its mineral spring waters. The springs of Arzni are about 80m deep.



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BJNI – is one of the villages in Hrazdan district, is famous for its beautiful nature and is a big center of mineral water springs.

Historical monuments of Bjni are quite valuable for Armenia. The fortress and the church (the Blessed Virgin Mary) have been built in the 11 th century. Of the impregnable fortress of Bjni still remain fragments of the north and the west fortified walls, the secret passage and some buildings. There are some beautiful cross-stones in the churchyard.
TSAKHKADZOR – “The Gorge of Flower” – is situated 5km North-West of Hrazdan, is considered to be the gemstone of the region, is one of the favorite holiday resorts of Armenia both for summer and winter. This is a place, where one can have a real rest during all seasons of year. The climate here is calm and mild due to the fresh mountain air. It is famous for its sports complex, richly equipped with various sports facilities necessary for summer and winter sports, a swimming-pool and a skating rink. Tsakhkadzor is recognaized as the Olympic training center, which accepts many tourist every year and provides them an opportunity to stay at comfortable rest houses, camps for children, at the great Sport Complex. There is also great funicular railway consisting of five parts and is 2300m high.
KETCHARIS – In the picturesque town of Tsakhadzor are gathered the magnificent monuments of Ketcharis, built between the 11 th and 13 th centuries. The monastery complex built on the high ground of Tsakhadzor by the side of the road that leads to the forest, harmonizes well with the scenery.

GARNI – one of the oldest village of Armenia GARNI is located to the South-Eastern part of Kotayk region, on the upright side of the Azat canyon, which is 28km far from Yerevan. The village with a population of about 7.000 was founded in the third century B.C.

Few values of the historical and cultural heritage of the pagan period have reached us. There is only one architectural masterpiece of that period that we have today. And this is Garni Temple, which is a synthesis of cultural elements of Hellas and Asia Minor built right in the center of Garni Fortress . The presumable date of the fortress’s construction is the 3 rd century B.C. and was restored in the 77 A.D.

In the canyon at the River Azat, the Garni bridge was built in the 11 th century. The bridge connects the village with the Havuts Tar chapel on the opposite bank of the river and is still operational. 

GEGHARD – traveling 6km East from Garni, you will get to Geghard, one of the most renowned monasteries of medieval Armenia as well as one of the most venerated places of pilgrimage.

Geghard or Ayrivank (“ayr” –“cave”) was built in the 10-13the century. It is remarkable for its churches very high up and monolithically set into the rock. Throughout its history Geghard has been a vast cultural and manuscript –writing center.

Havuts Tar

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