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Tavush region

TAVUSH– the center of the region IJEVAN – 137km 

The region of Tavush is situated in the Northern part of Armenia. Most of the part of the territory is on the height of 800-1700 meters above sea level. Landscapes are mostly woody-mountainous. The woods lie along the hills at the height of 600-2000 meters above sea level with more than 120 kinds of trees. The fauna is rich too and one can meet brown bear, wild boar, fox, wolf, etc. Here are 240 kinds of birds. Full-water rivers flow through the region. The valley is rich with mountainous springs, small rivers, lakes and mineral waters. You should visit Tavush region to climb up the hills and mountains, to walk the forest paths, to enjoy your stay at the resorts.



Haghardzeen | Goshavank | Makaravank



HAGHARDZEEN – Dilijan becomes an open air museum with Haghartzeen monastery, which is situated 18 km East of Dilijan. The monastery is situated an oak, beech forests, in the gorge of river. The monastery was built between 10 th -13 th centuries.
GOSHAVANK – located on the wooded valley of the village of Gosh, to the south-east of Dilijan, not far from Lake Parz. This monastic complex was founded in 1188 by Mkhitar Gosh, a notable scholar from medieval Armenia. In the Middle Ages Goshavank was one of Armenia’s most cultural centers.
MAKARAVANK – this monastery was built in the course of the 10th to 13th centuries on the wooded slope of a mountain which rises to the south in the region of Ijevan.

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