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10 Reasons to Visit Armenia

“If I were to be asked where on the planet Earth one can see the most incredible wonders, I would first of all say – Armenia…

 Rockwell Kent

  1. erArmenia is the First Christian Country in the World


Christianity was preached in the Kingdom of Armenia, by the Apostles, in the first century, although it got adopted as an official state religion in the 4th century (301AD). As a result, Armenia was the first nation in the world to let in the light of the Christ.




  1. rgArmenia’s Principal National Symbol is Biblical Mount Ararat


Everyone can enjoy the magnificent view of snow-capped Mount Ararat, which is the principal national symbol of Armenia and is considered sacred by many Armenians.



  1. ryArmenia’s Capital is One of the Oldest Cities in the World


The Armenian capital, Yerevan, is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, constructed 29 years before Rome. It is also known as “Pink City Yerevan” because of the typically Armenian pink-colored stone “tuf”.


  1. Armenia – An Open Air Museum


Only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia (29.8 thousand sq. km.), which is less than one-tenth of the Historical Armenia, there are 25 thousand historical and cultural monuments, which represent all periods of human development, starting with the megalithic era.

  1. hhArmenia is the Country of the World’s Oldest Leather Shoe


World’s oldest leather shoe, stunningly preserved for 5500 years, was found in an Armenian cave.




  1. eeeArmenia Produced a Record-Breaking Cable Car


According to Guinness World Records, the longest non-stop double track cable car is the Tatev Aerial Tramway, which is 5,752 m (18,871ft) in length.




  1. Armenians are People with Open and Warm Hearts


Armenians are always glad to host guests and do everything to make them feel as comfortable as possible. The ancient Armenian proverb says “A Guest is the messenger of God”.


  1. wwArmenian Traditional Bread – Lavash is Unesco-Listed


It is hard to find an Armenian table without huge piles of lavash, tasty flat bread that is the cornerstone of the Armenian cuisine. This humble dish is so important that it was placed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014.


  1. Armenia is Home to the World’s Oldest Winery


The story of wine in Armenia begins when Noah landed on Mt. Ararat and planted a vine according to the book of Genesis 9:20.

The world’s oldest recorded wine making location was found in 2007, in a cave near the village of Areni.  The group researching it dated this place back to 4000 BC, providing evidence that fruit was central from the beginning of Armenia’s evolution.

  1. zzzArmenian Festivals – All Year Round

Cultural festivals occur in every country of the world. Attending a festival is like putting a certain culture under a microscope in an extremely unique way. At any festival one often sees the fine and intricate components of a particular culture in vivid and vibrant details. The below pictures depict different festivals, which take place in various regions of Armenia.