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   cuisine2013-4As for Armenian cuisine, nothing can beat these rich and tasty dishes. The Armenian cuisine is a wonderful world of many different tastes and smells, various spices, greens and verdure, which grow only on the Armenian land.

Due to the rich climatic conditions and mountainous flora, the agricultural products in Armenia are of high quality.

Here one can enjoy ecologically clean dairy products, such as milk , butter, cheese and natural matzun (sour cream), which has more than 2500 years history. Armenians like hot and spicy meals. Garlic, chaman and pepper are widely used.

A traditional Armenian hearth – the TONIR -is constructed and fresh bread – LAVASH is baked in the traditional Armenian way.

TONIR has Armenian origins and was created 6000 years ago, and it is still used nowadays. Cheese, greens, and lavash are very tasty and surely, the part of our Armenian table. Even abroad, Armenians remember their traditional bread-lavash. During our trips to the regions, you will have a great opportunity to see this bread baking ceremony. Armenians use everything in their dishes: chicken, turkey, pork, veal, fish- boiled, roast or smoke-dried.

cuisine2013-2No visit to Armenia is complete without tasting the delicious Armenian barbecue (pork, beef, lamb, chicken) and kebab.

The peculiarity of Armenian barbecue is in the preparatory marinating. During the summer season, it is preferable to eat barbecue with vegetables: pepper, eggplant and tomatoes, which are roasted before the meat. It is very popular in Armenia to eat barbecue wrapped in lavash.

Therefore, during your visit to Armenia, we are organizing picnic-tours, where you can make Armenian barbecue by yourself.

It will be the most impressive day in Armenia!

One of the main dishes of Armenian cuisine is DOLMA , grounded meat mixed with rice, salt, pepper, greens and wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves. Armenia is well known for its various types of fish. No trip is complete without tasting the famous red-dotted Ishkhan (Prince) fish.

Famous Armenian sweet – sujukh-is made from grape juice and nuts.

The production of wine and other beverages (brandy, vodka, beer) in Armenia has a tradition dating back many centuries.

armenian-brandy1Brandy has been produced in Armenia for many centuries. Cognac is aged in oak barrels from 6-50 years. There are three main groups of brandy produced in Armenia; ordinary, fine and collection. Among the famous brands are Nairi, Vaspurakan, Dvin, Ani, Aghtamar and others. Many brands have won silver and gold medals in numerous international shows and exhibitions.

During your trips, you’ll have a great opportunity to visit the fairyland of the world famous Armenian brandy factory.


armenian-brandy2WINE – making epoch in Armenia began from Urartu – 782 B.C. During excavations in Erebouni fortress, 18 clay vats (karas) for wine were discovered, each having 600-liter capacity.

These methods preserve primary qualities of the wine for a long time. In front of the brandy factory, a wine factory is located and on the facade three big vats are illustrated. They have symbolic meaning from ancient times.

Wine was pressed in huge wooden vat, (karas). On this tour, you will get to know one of the most interesting regions of Armenia famous for its wine.
Armenia is also well known for its beer– KOTAYK and KILIKIA.