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Gegharkunik region

So GEGHARKUNIK REGION – the center of the region is GAVAR – 60km

The region of Gegharkunik is situated in the Eastern part of Armenia at an altitude of 1500-1900 m above sea level. The center of the region is Gavar. It is an important industrial center of the Sevan basin, situated in the Eastern slopes of Geghama mountain chain.

There are monuments dating back to the Bronze Age, Urartian and Medieval monuments in the neighborhood.



Lake Sevan | Hairavank | Noraduz



LAKE SEVAN – the wonder of nature, the emerald of Armenia is situated in the center of the region at a height of almost 2000 m above sea level. Lake Sevan is the third largest lake of the Armenian highlands, after Van and Urmia. The territory of water-mirror is 1260 sq. km, at its longest point its length is 78 km, deepest point is located at the north-east from Sevan peninsula – 90 meter. Sevan is situated in two inter-mountainous depressions and has two parts – Big and Small Sevan. There are 28 medium rivers flowing into Sevan. One river springs from the lake – Hrazdan. Lake Sevan is one of the highest and largest among the freshwater lakes in the world. Sevan with its perfumed air and beaches is a popular holiday resort. There are a great number of resorts, hotels and motels, comfortable beaches, as well as by invaluable historical-architectural diamonds. Sevan has always been famous for its fish “ishkhan” which means “prince fish” in Armenian, which has graced many lord’s tables in old times. Every visitor admires Sevan and its divine beauty. On the shores of the lake archeological expedition has discovered traces of a highly developed civilization dating back to 3-2nd millennium B.C. It is difficult to depict the island of Sevan, a peninsula today, without referring to the monastery nestling on its far western slope. It blends so harmoniously with the main body of the island that it appears to be an integral part of it. Of greatest interest are two 9th century churches at the top of a long flight of stairs. From this site one can admire a wonderful view of the lake and the distant mountains.
St.Arakelots – 9 th century
St.Karapet – 9 th century
HAIRAVANK – situated near the town of Gavar. Hairavank was built in the 9th century. This monument is a perfect example of the harmony of architecture and nature.
NORADUZForest of Khachkars-Cross Stones”: masterpiece of stone art in Armenia. Marvelously delicate, beautiful, and fanciful patterns are covered on these khachkars of Noraduz. On the territory of Armenia alone, the number of khachkars erected surpasses several thousand and the most of them once one can see only in Noraduz.

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