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Lori region

LORI REGION – the center of the region is Vanadzor – 125km 

Lori region is situated in the North-East of Armenia. Dzoraget, Aghstev and Debed river flow across the territory of the region. It is rich with wild fruits, forests, fertile fields, lakes and cool spring waters. The climate is mild. The lowest point of Armenia is Debed river (400 m above sea level) which flows through the territory of the region.

Vanadzor city is famous for its developed chemical industry.

The rich cultural heritage of the region dates back to ages.

The most magical and beautiful monasteries of Armenia are located in this distance area.



Sanahin | Haghpat | Odzun | Akhtala | Kobayir | Old bridge



SANAHIN – on the right highland of the town of Alaverdi, on the right bank of Debed river the village of SANAHIN is situated. The village is connected with the main roads by the bridge of 12 th century, the oldest construction preserved to the present day. The Sanahin monastery complex built in the 10-13 th century is on the territory of the village, on a high plateau. It is considered to be one of the most interesting architectural solutions. It is not an easy task to describe Sanahin. One must see it.
HAGHPAT – is to the North-East of it in the village of the same name. The monastery-complex of Haghpat is on the distance of 5 km from Sanahin. The monastery, one of the most renowned in Armenian history, was founded at about the same time as the monastery of Sanahin in the course of the 10-13 th century. This monasteries have been cultural and spiritual centers of the medieval Armenia, where humanitarian sciences and medicine were studied, scientific discovers written and paintings, miniatures created. The complexes are constructed with the harmony of the surrounding nature and forest-clad hills and one can feel their gracefulness and magnificence.
ODZUN – is one of the biggest and best appointed villages of the Republic, it is situated 12 km South-West from Alaverdi. The territory around Odzun is rich with diverse monuments dating to different periods. In the center of the village one can see a dome basilica, a burial monument and two medieval graveyards with numerous cross-stones and tombstones. Odzun cathedral built in the 6-7 th century is a magnificent specimen of Armenian architecture of the early Christian period. The cathedral has retained its original look up till today.
In the forests of Lori one can see the traces of ancient settlements and fortresses, monastery complexes and churches, everywhere.
AKHTALA10- 13 th century.
KOBAYIR13th century.
Old bridge12th century.

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